For YOU,

YOUR development should be personal!

One size does not fit all  


Your personal plan is built by you through choice of what, how, when, where and why you wish to develop your leadership and management career.

Welcome to a transformative journey through our three-tiered leadership development levels: Activate, Amplify, and Apex.

Through our groundbreaking concept of 'Leading from the Back,' we challenge outdated leadership styles and paradigms, enabling you to focus on three critical areas of responsibility: social (people), environmental (planet), and economic (revenue/profit). By embracing this new mindset and behavioural approach, our clients can drive meaningful change and achieve excellence and success by choosing a programme that activates, amplifies, or supports them in reaching the apex of their career.

Each level is meticulously designed to elevate your career, building on your dedication and aspirations, and empowering you to excel in your role.

Activate is where your journey begins. Here, we honour the hard work you've already invested in your management path. Featuring the expertise of Margo Manning, Activate will energise your approach, introduce advanced tools, and provide a platform to tackle your unique challenges. Engage with peers, exchange innovative ideas, and solidify your leadership skills as you prepare for greater responsibilities.

Amplify takes your leadership to the next level, targeting middle managers ready to extend their influence. Building on the foundations of Activate, Amplify dives deeper into complex tools and concepts, amplifying your personal brand and professional reach. Under Margo Manning's guidance, engage directly and collaborate with peers to foster mutual growth. Embrace new challenges and enhance your strategic impact.

Apex is the pinnacle of our programmes, designed for those aspiring to reach the highest echelons of leadership‚ÄĒdirectors, C-suite executives, and board members. At this level, you‚Äôll receive intensive one-to-one coaching and collaborate with peers to master strategic leadership. Apex focuses on driving business growth and guiding your organisation towards success, with decisions that significantly impact staff and stakeholders. With Margo Manning's mentorship, unlock your full potential and solidify your place at the top of the executive ladder.

Join us through Activate, Amplify, and Apex to embark on a comprehensive leadership journey, tailored to shape and propel your career to new heights. Take charge of your development and pave the way for your promotion and success.

The difference starts with you...  when armed with the right tools and mindset you can start to make your mark, perfection does not exist, there is never the right time, don't wait for it.

Making the difference for your career and team
the truth is to make a difference you will need to come from a place of authority. Someone who others are looking to for direction, support, motivation and so much more.

Business focus and priorities have changed, with people being the priority ; 'people, planet and profit' starts with skills to influence and create change that brings others along to deliver on the results.  



Online resources and support

for every stage of your journey, the difference will happen.

Performance Management

Increase your impact, value, career prospects and earning potential.  In performance management, there's a growing trend towards fostering open communication and collaboration between managers and employees. This new approach focuses on regularly reviewing performance, which not only motivates everyone involved but also highlights the importance of assessing where value is generated and utilised.  


Upgrade your career, impact, and earnings

Free taster module

is here to save the day! It's like having a personal goal-setting superhero by your side, helping you and your team achieve like never before.   

This free mini program, will give you an outstanding return on investment.    Your confidence and comfort levels will increase when delegating, and, your team member will feel motivated and confident in what to do and by when. 


Upgrade your career, impact, and earnings

Free taster module

Engagement is a crucial element of any successful communication strategy. It's not just about getting a reaction from your audience, it about creating a meaningful connection that inspires them to take action.

Increase your personal reputation and brand awareness, Get ready to take this to the next level, create considered and deliberate engagements that makes a real impact and positive lasting impression.


Upgrade your career, impact, and earnings

Increase your impact, value, career prospects and earning potential