Stepping-up your 

Performance Management 

Increase your impact, value, career prospects and earning potential.

Calling all emerging, first line managers and those who would like more confidence in their role.

Develop your performance management
knowledge and skills


Within just 4 weeks begin to make the impact and deliver the value required through considerate and deliberate decision making. Create greater impact and change for the reasons that positively impacts your people, the environment and of course the bottom line.  
Take responsibility for your personal reputation and brand, your career, the recognition and reward for your efforts.
Implement the required changes from a place or knowledge and understanding.  Position yourself as a manager, reframe your mindset and language.
Be confident in your understanding, demonstrate your capabilities, make informed decisions and execute effectively and efficiently. 


Increase your impact, value, career prospects and earning potential.


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Learn actionable solutions and tools for personal and professional growth.



Develop confidence and achieve your goals.



Gain the skills to stay focused, deliver on the changes whilst remaining motivated.


For the very best start to stepping-up your career prospects and delivery.


Performance Management is a key component to success.


Is this opportunity for you? It could be if:


1. You’d like to master a new professional skill set that has shifted away from old school management styles.
Mastering the attitude and skills to create deep, long lasting often permanent behavioural and cultural change - involves:

  • recognising what needs to be changed
  • recognising what needs to introduced
  • recognising what needs to be stopped

and inspiring your team to want to contribute and deliver on these.

2. You can see that performance management is more that setting and monitoring team objectives.
Knowing that by mastering this one skill-set can be be the beginning of great change involves great change from you.   Today's performance management includes empowering the team to challenge themselves to think outside of the lines.  Performance management includes (is not limited to):

  • team performance that challenges and motivates the team to deliver bigger and better for themselves, the team and the organisation.
  • to strive to see where they are placing and are best placed to add greater value to the client, both internal and external.
  • consistently reviewing one's own value and motivation to the success of performance management.¬†

3. You are unsure where to start or best practices.
A great place to start is at the beginning.  Getting the foundations in place allows you to scaffold the framework.

  • change requires a thought through decision that can be articulated and positioned.
  • Positioning your changes through articulated engagement, increases the success rate.
  • Change must all be tied back to increased value and benefit. ¬†Immature managers often react to change and therefore performance management without thought through plans.

4. Want to enhance your own personal reputation and brand.
The strength in your own reputation and brand is vital.  As a new or young (experience based rather than age) you are in a prime position to consider:

  • what would you like your brand to reflect.
  • how can this be¬†achieved?
  • how will this influence my proposals and career prospects?

5. You’re thinking longer term around career prospects and subsequent income and benefits: 
It is very ok to consider yourself as part of the changes.   It is the sign of a young and immature manager who always puts the welfare of the team before themselves. Performance management considers current deliver and future value to self, team individuals and organisation.  

What if you are to consider: 

  • what is next for you?
  • what is required to demonstrate today?
  • what do I need to be doing to raise my profile?
  • What is the return on investment (salary and benefits increase)?
  • Where will I best get the support to achieve this?
  • And you wish to do this in your own time, from wherever you happen to be (you will receive access to the app) and at your own¬†pace.

 Increase your impact, value, career prospects and earning potential.


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Louise M

I like that I have access to it for life. I like the format and the whole driving the point of value. If I can't say what the value is, I don't do it.

Jim W

Originally I was not sure about it. However, after the 1st week, I thought is was great. I like how is doesn't feel like an e-learning package, it feels more personal. I like the videos, she has a cool Scottish accent.

Chloe R

I really like that I can dip in and out of it. I have already started to put it into my workday. 5*

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Increase your impact, value, career prospects and earning potential.


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