Supporting women in their career and lifestyle choices

Are you ready for success?

Personal impact and reputation

Personal impact is the impression you make and leave with someone.  This is based on how you present yourself: appearance, how you shake hands, your introduction, the language you use, your listening skills, your energy levels, your reading of a situation, your authenticity, your openness, your knowledge, being on time for your meetings, and so much more.

Abilities and capabilities

Ability and capability are two sides of the same coin; ability refers to your current abilities with capability being your potential.   More often than not women do not recognise the extent of their own abilities, even when they have demonstrated and executed on them.   Can you imagine being confident and open about your experience and knowledge?

Career planning and execution

There was a time when women were expected and the majority did work in the 5 ‘Cs’: caring, cashiering, cleaning, catering and clerical.  That is changing, we have greater options, the internet broke down borders, technology allows us to work side-by-side and in real-time with colleagues, peers, suppliers, clients, coaches etc even when located in separate locations.

“Margo has been receptive to all questions, coached the group of women to identify their own development needs resulting in settling realistic goals and targets.
Margo recapped very well activities from previous session and encouraged personal ownership of deliverables.”

Marie Mc Laughlin

“Margo is amazing!! She helped me to believe I have what it takes to thrive in my field both in and outside work… she always gave me something to think about and work on.”

Abimbola Okere,