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I always felt that being thoughtful, working hard, and knowing what I want would lead to a great career.  However, what I had not bargained for was the impact my managers would have on my confidence and happiness.   Thankfully, I was lucky to work with some good managers, a couple of outstanding ones and a couple of extremely awful ones.   The ones that had the most influence, were the extremely awful ones.    

Looking back, they were shockingly bad at communicating, they gave no direction and didn't allow me to use my initiative, they only focussed on the mistakes (there were some, I am human) and they took a sadistic pleasure in their mostly passive aggressive approach to management. 

When it was my turn to manage others, I knew what I did and didn't want to do.  The 'how' was the challenge. And so, over the years I ferociously studied the psychology of the mind and behaviour, communication and engagement, performance management, change management, strategic planning and execution, resource planning, time management and so much more.   I have worked within many industries and companies including; Brunswick Group LLP, Axis Europe, Bell Integration, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Square One Resources, London Borough of Harrow.   With this practical experience of leadership and management alongside my lifelong studying, I pride myself on being a thought leader, facilitator and coach in the leadership and management arena for 25+ years. I am an international bestselling author of two leadership and management books. And, I continue through my role at to deliver face to face leadership and management programs.  

As a facilitator of other managers and leaders’ development, I choose to share the best practices, tools, methodologies and more for today’s working environment, giving you the best chance to step-up and into great management and leadership. 


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