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At Margo Manning Ltd our ultimate goal is to develop leaders and managers who can put an end to toxic, chaotic, and harmful management practices. We are committed to empowering managers and leaders to foster better teamwork and create value for their teams, organisations, and themselves.

Through our groundbreaking concept of 'Leading from the back,' we challenge outdated leadership styles and paradigms, enabling leaders and managers to focus on three critical areas of responsibility: social (people), environment (planet), and economics (revenue/profit). By embracing this new mindset and behavioural approach, our clients can drive meaningful change and achieve excellence and success.

My passion and purpose lies in developing and supporting managers and leaders. We achieve this through outstanding in-person, online, and e-Learning programs,  engaging keynote speaking engagements, and my international best selling books. These services are tailored for both businesses and individuals, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our expertise.

Throughout my own career, I have experienced firsthand the significant impact that managers have on employee well-being and overall satisfaction. Great managers have empowered me to thrive, grow, and advance, while working with awful managers left me feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. I understand the importance of work-life balance and the detrimental effects of toxic management practices.

Having worked in various roles across diverse industries, including pensions, construction, investment banking, IT, project management, and more, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our programs. I have witnessed the positive transformation that can occur when leaders prioritise the development of their teams and embrace progressive leadership approaches.

I am proud to share that my international bestsellers were published in 2016 (The Step-Up Mindset for New Managers) and 2021 (The Step-Up Mindset for Senior Managers), solidifying my expertise in the field of leadership and management.

If you are ready to transform your leadership approach and create a positive impact, I invite you to explore our services and resources at www.margo-manning.com. Together, we can build a future of empowered leaders and thriving organisations.

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