One and done, doesn't cut it in management

Aug 21, 2023

It's important to regularly evaluate your own and others progress towards goals. This means having a way to measure and track behaviour and the data you collect.   This is not micro-managing, I repeat this is not micro-managing, this is looking at where value is best sourced and spent.   As with all (mostly), leading form the back is taking a step back and empowering others to take ownership of their inputs, outcomes, challenges, and successes. And so, it's crucial to set up regular meetings to review their progress, give and receive feedback, and identify the areas where they are excelling and any areas where they might need extra support.


When reviewing their performance, it's not just about looking at what was delivered, e.g. completing tasks or implementing software. It's also about measuring the value that has been delivered from it. Did it meet expectations or even exceed them? Did you consider the value of your work in terms of its impact on social, environmental, and economic factors?  Did you share these with others?


Evaluating progress allows you, the team, and your organisation to see how effective your strategies and initiatives are in all three areas of the triple bottom line. By analysing the data, you can see what's working well and what could be improved. This process helps you identify any gaps or challenges that need to be addressed promptly.


Giving regular feedback to your employees is important for keeping them engaged and motivated. By recognising their achievements and contributions, you're creating a positive work environment and encouraging continuous improvement. Providing constructive feedback also helps you identify areas where additional support or resources might be needed to overcome obstacles.

By making regular evaluation meetings a priority and scheduling them, you can ensure that you stay on track with your goals and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

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