Where to measure, source and spend Value

Aug 07, 2023
Where to measure, source and spend Value

As a manager and leader, it is crucial to understand what value looks like, where it is best sourced and spent.  


Defining Value - Triple Bottom Line

There are three key areas to the evaluation of value, the ‘triple bottom line’.   For managers and leaders, the concept of the triple bottom line is crucial in guiding decision-making and driving sustainable business practices. It will encourage you to go beyond a narrow focus on financial performance and consider the broader impact of your actions on society and the environment.    It is a fundamental mindset shift, when thinking bigger than self or the immediate and often knee-jerk decisions.

Social Value

As a manager and leader there is a need to recognise that you and your organisation have a responsibility to not only generate profits but also contribute positively to society. This involves considering the social implications of your operations, such as the treatment of employees, support for local communities, and ethical business practices. By prioritising social responsibility, you can build a positive corporate culture and engage employees who feel valued and connected to the organisation's purpose.  This greatly enhances your personal reputation and brand and demonstrates your big picture thinking and evaluating.


Environmental Value

Environmental considerations should be integrated into managerial decision-making processes. This means assessing the environmental impact of business activities, identifying opportunities for resource conservation and waste reduction, and adopting sustainable practices. Leaders should be proactive in promoting sustainable initiatives, such as investing in renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and implementing recycling programs. By doing so, you can contribute to environmental preservation and mitigate the risks associated with climate change.

Economic Value

All managers and leaders (yourself included) must understand that financial success is interconnected with social and environmental performance. By embracing the triple bottom line approach, you can identify opportunities for innovation and cost savings through sustainable practices. For instance, investing in energy-efficient technologies can reduce operational expenses in the long run. Furthermore, adopting responsible business practices can enhance a company's reputation, attract socially conscious customers, retain happy, loyal, and productive employees, whilst improving brand loyalty.

Embracing the triple bottom line allows you the manager and leader to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient organisation. By considering the social, environmental, and financial aspects, you can foster a culture of responsible decision-making, accountability, and long-term value creation. Moreover, by aligning business objectives with the well-being of stakeholders and the planet, you are contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future.


Defining value for each key area of the triple bottom line is the first step in this process. By assigning clear metrics to each key area, organisations can effectively measure their success in achieving value.


Defining value requires a comprehensive understanding of the three key areas of the triple bottom line: social, environmental, and financial. Each area must be evaluated separately to determine its contribution to the overall value. For example, social value may be measured by the impact on employees' well-being and community engagement, while environmental value may focus on reducing carbon emissions or promoting sustainable practices. Financial value, on the other hand, can be assessed through profit margins and return on investment.

By clearly defining value for each key area, managers and leaders can align their strategies and resources accordingly. This clarity allows for better decision-making and resource allocation, ensuring that the organisation's efforts are directed towards activities that bring the most value to the triple bottom line.


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