Goals – clear, ambitious and achievable and TRUST©'ed

Jan 10, 2024

Goals – clear, ambitious and achievable and TRUST©'ed

As the new year gets underway, leaders and managers have a crucial role in setting the direction for their teams and the organisation. One of the key tasks during this time is to establish clear and achievable goals and objectives. By aligning these goals with the organisation's vision and strategies, leaders can empower their teams to work towards a common purpose and drive success.

Aligning Goals with the Organisation's Vision:
Setting goals that are in line with the
 organisation's vision is vital for driving growth and success. Leaders and managers should thoroughly understand the organisation's strategic priorities and ensure that their goals align with them.

Aligning the individuals, as well as your own goals and career prospects with the Organisation's Vision:
Aligning individuals' career prospects with the organisation's vision is crucial for both personal and professional growth. When individuals understand and align their career goals with the organisation's vision, individuals can find purpose and fulfilment in their work, whilst contributing more effectively towards achieving the organisation's objectives. This alignment ensures that individuals are working towards a common purpose and are motivated to excel in their roles. Additionally, when organisations invest in the development and growth of their employees, they create a positive work culture that promotes loyalty and retention

TRUST© Goal Framework:
Using the TRUST© (Treasure, Resources, United, Steps, and Time-bound) framework is an effective way to set goals that are clear, thought-through and actionable. Encourage your teams to ensure that each goal is specific and focused, measurable to track progress, achievable considering available resources, has buy-in from the stakeholders, have clarity around the required milestones and is time-bound to create a sense of urgency.

Cascading Goals:
That you cascade goals from the organisational level down to individual team members. This ensures alignment and provides a clear line of sight between each individual's contributions and the overall objectives. This fosters a sense of ownership and commitment towards achieving these goals.

Regular Evaluation and Adjustment:
Goal setting is not a one-time event; it requires regular evaluation and adjustment. Establish a system for monitoring progress and providing feedback to your teams. I highly recommend using the step milestone deadlines as a check-in point.

Balancing Stretch and Realistic Goals:
While it is important to set ambitious goals that push the boundaries, leaders must also consider the realistic capabilities and resources available. Balancing stretch goals with achievable targets ensures that teams remain motivated and focused, while also promoting a sense of accomplishment when goals are met.

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