Every wondered what you clients thinks of your workspace, whether this be Starbucks, Serviced Offices or a Garden Office?   Julie will discuss how the impact of your environment has an impact on your productivity and therefore you bottom-line.  Find out what you can do to create a positive workplace.

Why is it that we sometimes are more inspired than other times?

What has our workspace got to do with this?

What changes can we make to our workspace and what impact will that have?

Meet Julie

Julie Stevens, Interior Designer, Home Stager, Speaker, WriterSince the early 1990’s Julie has helped business owners and managers realize the potential of their work environments. She understands the necessary components that go together to ensure that businesses and individuals are productive, happy and profitable. Her belief that our environments affect our performance, productivity, wellbeing and happiness is supported by countless and continued research.

Her Degree Dissertation “Design, Workstyle, Workplace : an examination of Symbiosis” won a School of Architecture prize for research. Julie continues to marry together her passion for dynamic Interior Design and Architecture, her practical management experience and business ownership, to bring you the expertise that you need to ensure that your working environment is working for you and not against you, so that your business strategies, dreams and desires can be achieved.

The expertise, once only available to large corporate style organisations, is now available to SO:HO’s (Small Office : Home Office), via Julie. Making the move from corporate style to SO:HO herself when she established Younique Designs, she knows first hand the challenges that modern day business owners face.

Following this line of thought Julie will take us on a journey through your work spaces and encourage you to think again about the design solutions that have been employed and ask you if they re really working for you and your team members.

Julie owns a multi faceted design consultancy, Younique Designs, established in 2007, to support both business and home owners in the use of design based solutions that will change lives.

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