There seems to be a rise in managers acknowledging that they feel as if they don’t deserve their jobs, that they are impostors and are going to be found out at any time. That fear is hanging over them like a dark cloud.   Acknowledgement of this fear is on the increase, and there is a greater number of managers who are addressing the issue.

Are you an imposter?

You are in a role and don’t feel as if you deserve to be there and this may be for a number of reasons. You feel your age is against you, too old or too young. You do not have the experience for the role, possibly lack qualifications, or you are managing a colleague who would be better suited to the role as they have worked there longer and therefore know the business better.   You, The Imposter may believe that you don’t deserve the salary, (the salary leap from your previous role is vast). You may feel you have been promoted too quickly and your new position is too senior for your abilities.

Then there’s the feeling of being out of control, when you feel you can’t manage and you’re plunged into some situations expecting to fail, you feel you do not have the knowledge to backup any questions should you be asked, everyone else knows better, everyone expects you to be the expert. These and more lead to the fear of humiliation, of being found out, then there is the rejection of being sacked; the pain caused to self and others from the perceived deception.

Now you start to look at your behaviour; frozen with fear?  Over-compensating? Being very assertive (read aggressive), deflecting the blame onto others, and the list goes on.

If only you had stayed where you were… when will you be found out?

Genuine article

There are ways that this could be tackled. The very first thing anyone who is in this position and is suffering imposter syndrome should do is stop and breathe.

Now allocate a couple of hours in your calendar and dedicate this to addressing the fear, being found out as an Imposter.

Stop and breathe.

At the beginning of the allotted time: Stop and breathe for a couple of minutes.

And now you are feeling better prepared, more relaxed to tackle the problem, consider the options.

Stop procrastinating and take action!

Is it time to cheat the Imposter?

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