Who wrote your web copy? Are you 100% sure it’s as effective as it could be?

In this hour, Jackie Barrie shares the secrets of web success. You will learn tips, tricks and techniques to help your site get found in search engines. You’ll also discover how to get site visitors to take the action you want them to take.

Meet Jackie Barrie




Jackie Barrie specialises in writing without waffle.

A qualified journalist, she’s been a professional copywriter since 1983. These days, she spends two-thirds of her time doing hands-on copywriting, and one-third training people how to do it themselves.

She has published three business books, written hundreds of successful websites, and collected nearly 400 testimonials from satisfied clients.

She started her own business in 2001, after working for 20 years as a copywriter and senior manager in the corporate world.

Jackie has a particular interest in how the brain processes words and symbols. She holds a BA Honours degree in psychology, and qualified as an NLP Practitioner to further understand how language influences behaviour.

She has also been a barmaid and a tea-lady. She hates tomatoes, alarm clocks and shoes, and likes dancing, scuba diving and making people laugh.

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