People love to talk.  They love most of all to share stories about people like them, especially if it makes them go WOW!   Yet are you telling enough stories about what you do?  By sharing feel-good stories, you can get more people talking about what you do.  A great product or service is not enough for your business to succeed,  you need a story that is simple, surprising and memorable.

Discover the ONE story that you need to share, and how to craft it using TWO simple images.  This story is proven to get to you more clients, even if you are just starting out in business.  When Joanne shared hers, her bookkeeping business became so busy she had to take on two more staff to handle all the clients she gained.

Meet Emma


Dr Emma Sutton began her life as  a chemical engineer, before setting up her own freelance training business in 2002.  Her first hurdle was to find a way to attract new clients and after a few years of getting it totally wrong and struggling to make ends meet, she set about discovering how to do it brilliantly.   From being invisible and forgettable, she became the Queen of Diamonds and uses simple, powerful techniques to help entrepreneurs and businesses to sparkle and shine, so that they stand out in a crowded room.

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Website: NakedPresenting

Twitter: @nakedpresenting