The Business Hour – Champagne Sales on a Beer Budget with Steve Clarke

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About Steve...

Steve has taken his own businesses from start up to stock market flotation. He grew his last business to £30m in annual sales in just 8 years, sold out and retired at 45. He walks his talk. Everything he shares is from practical first hand experience – not hollow theory. He has been privileged to speak to audiences all across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, South Africa, India and Australia – one common question crosses every geographical and cultural boundary... “How can we generate more leads, increase sales and profits…?” That’s precisely where he can help you. It’s what makes his subject matter relevant, Steve makes it interesting, memorable and actionable. He shares performance enhancing ideas, helping people around the world put their sales performance on legal steroids and often (this part proves very popular) with less blood sweat and tears..  

Champagne ideas on a beer budget...


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