About Jane

Jane has as a degree in sociology, a post graduate in youth and community work ,  is a qualified adult trainer, and did an OU  Law course just for fun .  As such she has a deep understanding of human interaction. Jane had a career in the public sector including policy and training, before setting up her own training business, in 2011. She now trains small businesses and not-for–profit groups in all aspects of social media and ethical sales to enable them to thrive in this age of transparency and accountability.

Jane is a published author, writes a weekly column for Lancaster Guardian and is on the  Radio 4 expert list. As The Naked Sales Trainer, she is  just in the process of writing The Heart of Sales, a book on sales skills for those who choose to trade ethically, which is due out for Christmas.

The Bullseye approach to customers

Many Small business owners came into business because they had a great idea but then find themselves way out of their comfort zone when it comes to sales. Learning how to combine the flexibility and creativity that makes us entrepreneurs with getting organised is what will really bring in the sales.

We’ve all heard of list building, but most of us just never really get round to it. In this interview Jane will explain why it’s important to build a list of your target audience, how you do that and also explore what gets in the way of us building our prospect lists.   So get your note pad at the ready.

Find out how and why it is important it is to build a list of your target audience – your customers.



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