MOT – diagnosing your customers issues.

Þ    What you need to do to make the selling easy (hint: prepare).

Þ    Have you warmed them up?

Þ    How to significantly reduce people cancelling appointments on you.

Þ    The doctor will see you now. How to ‘diagnose’ your customers’ issues. One size does not fit all.

Þ    How to deal with trip ups on the day. Don’t let the PA sabotage you.

Þ    What to do immediately after the meeting.

Þ    Follow up, follow up, follow up.

About James

Since 2004 James has grown his consultancy firm, Assista Consulting, into the UK’s leading consultancy specialising in NHS finance issues.

Recently he’s become know as one of the most sought after experts on getting new customers, with his reputation based on selling into one of the toughest markets in the world, the UK public sector.

He did this by building goodwill and staying far away from the salesy gimmicks that almost always annoy customers and prospects.

He set up Success Strategies earlier this year to further his mission of helping UK entrepreneurs to get more customers.

Phone: 0151 380 JWilson0010

Twitter: @JamesWilsonSS

Facebook: James Wilson Success Strategies