On my last blog I wrote that I would be writing about High Performance Outcomes… however I’ve had a chance to think about this and thought it would be better to introduce you to the model in general first.

Welcome to what may very well be your first introduction to the 3:2 Management model. The 3:2 Management model has been designed in order to make Management life easier. It is based on five attributes that when worked correctly and congruently will result in success, namely high performance outcomes that not only meet your  needs, it exceed them.

So let’s briefly look at the attributes within the 3:2 Management model.TeamSuccess


Attitude can make or break your success. Attitude as a standalone attribute will not drive success. However, when combined with the other attributes brings success  closer to hand. Attitude is not a tangible thing that you can measure.

You can see and hear people’s attitudes from their body language, the wording that they may use and their energy levels.

It is often a bone of contention with managers when they are unable to put a measurement on attitude within performance management. The big issue being that at the end of the day, without good attitudes, success will not happen.

Have you met someone who has an amazing attitude, upbeat, positive, friendly and helpful at face value and yet they never deliver. This is someone who can be measured as “nice person not dependable”.   Attitude must be implemented alongside all 3 attributes to greatly enhance your chances of success.


Behaviour can also make and break your success. Behaviour is tangible, it can be demonstrated, you can see, review and set measurements for behaviour. However, again, behaviour as a standalone attribute will not deliver success. There is a great need to have the right attitude in order to have the correct behaviour, in order to have the great delivery.

Managers often measure behaviour as part attitude and part delivery.

Skill set

Having the right skill sets really does round off the behaviour and attitude. Bring all three together and you have a very rounded and capable person.

When we think skill sets in managers we will be looking at self-management including time management, communication skills, task management and of course client management, these are crucial all rounded skill sets that are required for success.  As well as these we have the technical side which may be, for example, Finance, Project, or HR  etc.. Skill set is a very measurable attribute. There is a very clear able to and not able to assessment for most part.


Goals are great when used in the right context. They allow you and any other parties to agree on the required outcomes. Goals are measurable, they often resemble a handover of some sort.   The goal should be set in a way that can be understood by all parties involved and must be articulated and recognised by both parties.

High performance outcomes

This is very different to goals. Goals are an agreed measurement or standard that one or more parties have agreed to. Outcomes are the actual delivery. High-performance outcomes are the difference between being a manager and an exceptional manager. Ideally, the exceptional manager also has an exceptional team.

Taking into account that if we had the correct attitude, demonstrated the correct behaviours, harnessed the required skills in order to deliver; we know the goals we’re working towards and we have a clear plan on delivering high-performance outcomes. Having these all in place we have the step up mind-set. The Step up mind-set is the key to setting you apart from the other managers. The step up mind-set does as it says on the tin; it puts you in a position to step up to the next level whether  this be a role change, career promotion or enhanced performance.

My next blog will focus solely on High Performance Outcomes and how to move from good to exceptional.


Changing Attitudes | Influencing Behaviours | Impacting Outcomes…


Margo Manning is Managing Director of Bute Learning and Development and Margo Manning Ltd. Margo is a professional speaker and is an Executive Coach. Margo works with Managers and Leaders to move them from static performance to high performance.  She works with her clients to Drive Success Through Performance.

Margo has been in the development arena for 20 years and more specifically in coaching for 11 of those.  Margo has worked with companies such as UBS, Goldman Sachs, AON, Balfour Beatty, Brunswick LLP, BBMV, Tower Hamlets Homes to name a few.