Margo's enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine interest in those she coaches has played a huge part in my development. She provides enjoyable, interactive and structured coaching that generates a real investment in what is being taught. Margo takes the time to listen and using great coaching techniques, she has empowered me to think through problems/ situations and take accountability for decisions - realising the best way forward for myself through engaging communication and support.  Katherine Ruddy, Bid Manager  

Margo's one to ones have helped me to relate even more of the programme to real challenges within my team. She has given me tools to use and refer back to in order to continue developing my skills as a manager - realising this is an on-going learning and development process for me. The tools she has given have been a deciding factor in the development of my confidence in my own abilities.  Kelley Blanchflower, Head of Proposals 

Margo, has played a huge part in me being able to finally have trust in my own ability & in turn to sell myself better. She has coached by way of advice outside of the course content during 1 to 1 meetings. I have as a result of those 1 to 1 meetings, changed my approach to selling myself in a more positive way. Her delivery during the course modules was such that I could digest information, take away & implement into my daily routine. This has changed my approach to now being a manager that "manages the problem, rather than becomes part of it". Jason Plunkett, Contract Manager  

Margo has played a big part in my development over the past year not only in the working environment but from a personal level. Margo has helped me realise that I was capable of becoming a manager, she has also helped me become a manager and I can’t thank her enough for that. The skills in the programme are invaluable in walks of life and I would say they have made me become a better person both in and outside of work. Margo also helped me on a personal level with my speech for my wedding and I would say it is down to her that I delivered this with such confidence. Scott Pope, Infrastructure Manager 

Margo played a significant part in this; she has managed and facilitated the process perfectly. She took time to speak to everyone and understand the issues and concerns from all perspectives. She had to overcome some internal scepticism and resistance but had everyone on board with her training very quickly. She demonstrated herself to be an excellent judge of character and also picked up on particular issues and dynamics that were going on within the club. Her approach was patient and she had to deal with the diverse nature of the gym and it's working practises and her recommendations were always carefully thought out and valid. Her involvement has been a huge benefit to the club and she was a pleasure to work with." Karsten Shaw, Director of Analytics

Margo was very supportive her learning technique is second to none, she is very easy to talk to and is good at explaining and has a lot of patience. Anne Temple Senior Administration

I have worked with Margo for 10 years plus. And there is a reason that I invite her back time and time again. Margo and her organisation are big picture thinkers. Margo works with leaders and mangers to develop them both in groups and one-to-one situations. She manages to tailor her delivery for everyone and the feedback and return on investment from our staff has been excellent. She has a structured and yet informal approach which works very well in our industry. She is not scared to challenge our managers and leaders and as a result they come back from her sessions full of energy and ideas. The important thing is that they tend to see them through to execution. Margo has follow up meetings and holds them accountable.

Having worked with Margo, it is not unusual for the participants to go onto more senior roles, this is through feedback in relation to their skills and potential lush coaching from Margo.

From a HR perspective, Margo saves the company money: by empowering our staff we look to progress their careers and develop them which often saves costs and the usual overheads involved with on-boarding new employees.

Her team are exceptional on managing the coordination of the programme; emailing out invites, joining instructions etc. They also have follow up reports and meetings to ensure that I am kept in the loop.

It’s a real-time saver working with her and I know I will always receive the same standard going forward.

It really is a great pleasure working with Margo and the team! Sharron Clow, Company Director [Full testimonial]