Margo had a very unique approach when coaching me. I kind of felt like I was having consultations with a psychologist. She has encouraged me to do a lot of self-reflective activities. It makes it so much easier to apply the new knowledge as it feels like it is all based on the real life scenarios rather than textbooks. She was very pleasant, and most importantly, she has made me feel like I have figured it all out myself. She guided me to the knowledge rather than told me what’s in the books.

  Vesta Leikaite

Margo has been receptive to all questions, coached the group of women to identify their own development needs resulting in settling realistic goals and targets.
Margo recapped very well activities from previous session and encouraged personal ownership of deliverables.

  Marie Mc Laughlin

The Women’s Mastermind Group provides a safe space and structure within which to explore and coalesce business ideas that had previously been intangible. Within the group it was possible to hone aims and set realistic targets with deadlines. When managing a one-woman business it is difficult to get perspective and realism into planning, and even to make sufficient time to do it properly. The monthly Mastermind Group provided that space. The most valuable element however was that that by sharing and exploring the aims and objectives and creating milestones within the Mastermind Group I became accountable to someone else for actually getting them done.
  Samantha Harvey

In my opinion building leadership and management talent is about developing their confidence, judgement, communication and appreciation of others – it is part of the old adage of surrounding yourself with great people. The Bute Group has done that for me across many years with teams and individuals from different backgrounds and in very different stages of their careers. It is without a doubt the best money I have ever spent in the twenty years I have been running ICT functions. Bute is one of my key suppliers that I have taken with me from company to company and used effectively at them all.  Jonathan Ward-Brown

…we engaged the Bute Group to provide our talented managers with a development programme to enhance their the skills to lead growing teams and increased accountability. We have been delighted with our teams progress; it has helped them to make intelligent decisions with confidence, making better use of resources, managing performance at a team level and working towards business goals through strategic translation. In addition, it has built trust and stronger working relationships within our leadership team… Joanne Truscott


Having completed the 3:2 Management Development Programme and undergoing practical and interactive training in different management methods, I have become more agile in my management approach. Katherine Ruddy

I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme for anyone who manages a team of people. It is challenging at times with hugely positive outcomes in terms of confidence and response from the team. The programme has changed my approach as I’ve used so many of the skills and techniques that were covered. Particularly listening and delegating. Trusting my team to make decisions and carry out more tasks. It has resulted in me adopting a more professional approach. Kelley Blanchflower

The 3:2 management development programme has made me think about how to approach different situations in different ways depending on the task and who I am asking to complete it. The modules that had the biggest influence are; Team member to team manager – I was made a manager and given a team who are all roughly the same age, so it is sometimes hard to differentiate between being part of the time and being a manager. I think it is important to be able gain the respect of my team for being their manager not just a friend. Time Stealers – Knowing when to engage and not engage with time stealers. The ROI for both the business and myself are Better quality and quantity of work output and a more professional appearance in the office. Fiona McDougall

The 3:2 Management Development Programme has helped me massively to manage my day to day task more effectively, making more use of my work calendar to block out time for my tasks. My key takeaways were Learning Styles and Six thinking hats – they helped me understand my learning style but also how to identify others and communicate with them. The six thinking hats has helped me to structure my way of thinking especially when it comes to new projects. My confidence has improved so much. Abimbola Okere

Having completed the 3:2 Management Development Programme and undergoing practical and interactive training in different management methods, I have become more agile in my management approach. Katherine Ruddy

The programme has changed my approach to management in many ways but most of all it gave me an insight into how much more goes into managing people, from the outside management can seem like an easy and straightforward task. The course made me realise that I could become a manager and over the year it slowly made me think about how I could become a manager or take the lead in my position or team at that time. Scott Pope