Being in business – life in general – is full of ups and downs and the ‘downs’ can hold us back from being as successful as we can be.  It’s important that we know how to make the most of the good times and develop the resilience to overcome challenges.

Happiness is moving higher up the agenda; from whether we should legislate for our nation’s happiness, to the importance of happiness to success in business, to whether the development of happiness and emotional well-being should be on the school curriculum to better equip our future generations for life.

The advent of positive psychology in the late 1990s has heralded a new approach to well-being and a better understanding of the importance of happiness as a foundation to individual success and achievement in all areas of life. It is therefore essential for individuals who wish to achieve a more balanced and fulfilled life and experience more success to be able to take control of their emotional well-being and have simple tools of their disposal to enhance their happiness levels. Frederika focusses her attention on happiness within Business.

Meet Frederika

As a speaker, author and coach, today’s guest helps organisations and individuals boost happiness and achieve more success.  She is ‘The Happiness Speaker’ and author of ‘Recipe for Happiness: 9 essential ingredients for a happy life.’

Frederika Roberts MPSA

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