Watch – Manipulation vs Inspiration

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As a manager, are you aware of how to get the best from your employees in an ethical and rewarding way? Margo discusses the difference between manipulating employees versus inspiring them to get the job done and how to tell the difference between the two!

Work-life balance? Get real…

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Why do you work late into the evening and all weekend and then complain… I haven’t seen the children, partner, friends, family etc. For some you feel you have to work late… the company culture dictates it, promotion depends on it, income depends on it and so forth. This is very true of males and females with or without children.

Collaboration – Foe or Friend

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People don’t understand how to collaborate. … and in particular what happens is under pressure people revert to type, so at some point the person might have been taught how to collaborate but once they’re put under pressure for whatever reason, they will revert to aggression rather than collaboration”.

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