Senior managers translating a business proposal during ‘Strategic translation’ workshop.

Personal impact and reputation

Your personal impact is critical to your success.   Personal impact is the key to being liked and remembered for the right reasons or disliked and remembered for the wrong reasons.  Whilst ability and capability is vital to your career success, you can have all the skills required for a new role, however, without making that positive, credible impact, the job is someone else’s.

What is personal impact?

Personal impact is the impression you make and leave with someone.  This is based on how you present yourself: your appearance, how you shake hands, your introduction, the language you use, your listening skills, your energy levels, your reading of a situation, your authenticity, your openness, your knowledge, being on time for your meetings, and so much more.

What is personal reputation and brand?

Personal reputation and brand (‘personal impact’ is a large component within this), is again vital to your success.   Reputation is an opinion that someone holds about you, it is often based on the other persons personal and emotional opinion of you.   Your brand is more tangible, is is built through service and delivery, it is based on components such as quality, value, timeliness, recurrences and more.   It is possible to have a good reputation and poor brand and vice versa.

You are unique.

From the most senior to the most junior roles, there are women out there who hope (with their fingers crossed) that they are making the right impressions.  Ask them “what is the right impression for you?” and they look at you puzzled.  Men on the other hand often know what the would like their reputation and brand to be.   Your personal impact, reputation and brand must be unique to you, as Oscar Wilde eloquently put it, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”   What that looks like depends on where you are in life, start of your career, mid or later phase?  Are you looking for promotion within the same company, industry or role?  Are you looking to shift roles and start a fresh?  Understanding your wants and needs will allow you to consider how you can scaffold these need and wants with a thought through plan.


be you and be brilliant

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