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Stepping up and lead from the back.

Considered and deliberate GOALS©
and objective setting

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Considered and deliberate GOALS©   and objective setting will greatly enhance your success rates.  

Recognising the value in within your responsibilities. And, carrying out those high ticket items that generates high value outcomes that you’re more senior role requires.  This does involve you trusting you team to carry out their roles.  To delegate and trust that the tasks are going to be carried out, requires you to lead from the back. And that leading from the back does not mean that you are leading blind, you can have a comfort blanket, and that comfort blanket is my GOALS(c) framework and template. That takes away the need for you to spend time micromanaging or worse, doing it yourself.  


GOALS(c) is a framework and template designed to help individuals and teams plan, track, and evaluate their goals. It is a simple, yet effective tool that can be used to help individuals and teams stay focused and organised whilst working towards their organisation's success.