We present every day and yet most of do not prepare for our important presentations, with our clients, bank manager or even our internal clients… our staff

Jeremey Jacobs will talk through the three main areas in for public speaking appearances…¬†Preparation Structure Style.

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Jacobs as a babyA highly versatile corporate presenter and speaker, Jeremy’s client list reflects his professionalism and flexibility.

His 25 year career in sales adds an authentic business edge to his delivery, a deep understanding of his clients’ needs and a delivery few other corporate presenters can match. He offers experience, expertise and commercial knowledge to deliver key business messages in a commanding, inspirational and authoritative way.

His calm, unruffled style benefits live events and outside broadcasting, and is earning him a reputation as one of the top presenters of hybrid live/web-streamed events capable of engaging on- and off-site delegates equally.

Successes with BBC local radio and Capital Gold, reports for Sportsmedia and web TV appearances on Leicester Square Television have prompted regular requests from the advertising voice-over market and in corporate video. His patient and easy-going nature makes him the ideal trainer for people looking to master the art of public speaking, handle media interviews and MC their own events.

Jeremy’s corporate clients include professional organisations, sales specialists, large corporations and SMEs in numerous market sectors across the United Kingdom and overseas.