In Peter’s thirty five plus years in business, over the last eighteen years specifically helping family businesses of all shapes, sizes and descriptions, the family members have consistently told him that their five key challenges were:

  1. Different generations viewing the business in vastly different ways
  2. How to maximise and protect their livelihood
  3. Not enough money at the end of the month
  4. Poor relationships particularly amongst family members
  5. Lack of clarity in how to promote the business

His experience has led Peter to believe there are FIVE KEYS to a successful family business and they hold the secret to a successful family relationship and business around the world. When life isnt working out as we want it to, Peter’s experience tells him invariably the answer lays somewhere within these FIVE KEYS.

If any of these challenges (and there are plenty more as well!) sound familiar…

Meet Peter…

PR FBMPeter Roper is a multi-award winning speaker having spoken to over 500,000 people in several countries, a bestselling author, and editor of The Family Business Owner Magazine and is known as The Family Business Man. He knows the joy of successfully running three family businesses and the pain of losing everything and has learned the keys to having a successful family and successful family business.

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