Why should you look at email marketing over other forms of marketing? Find out the what the simplest and fastest ways of getting subscribers, and what mistakes do you see people make?


We have all wondered what is the use of having a whole bunch of subscribers if they don’t open and read your emails and do something with them. What are the secrets to having a very active subscriber base that actually opens what you send them and does something with it?


What’s the fastest way to get started?

Ian Brodie  going to share some of the tips from his book, Email Persuasion which has topped the Amazon charts on both sides of the Atlantic and teaches professionals and business owners how to captivate and engage their audiences, build authority and generate more sales with email marketing.”

Meet Ian

Ian works with businesses to help them attract and win clients online.

Top Sales World magazine named his as one of the “Top 50 Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales”, Salesforce.com picked him as the “striker” in their Social Business Dream Team, and Raintoday listed his website at ianbrodie.com as one of the “resources of the decade” for professional services marketing.

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