In From Best-Kept Secret to Niche Supernova, Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards reveals the secrets to attracting premium clients who are happy to pay you what you’re really worth.

She outlines the crucial steps to greater visibility, credibility and influence — especially in today’s crowded marketplace. And she shares her top shortcuts to establish yourself as a respected expert in your field.

You’ll hear:

  • The #1 reason most entrepreneurs struggle for clients and bookings (even if they’re great at what they do and market like crazy!)
  • The fastest way to position yourself as a premium player in your niche and attract all the high-paying clients you can handle… doing what you do BEST!
  • Which 7 deadly branding mistakes passion-driven entrepreneurs make that crush their credibility, sabotage their sales and repel high-paying clients (and how to avoid them!)

Meet Kerrianne

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edward

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards, The Kickass Branding Expert, teaches passion-driven entrepreneurs how to create a Stand OUT Brand that attracts high-paying clients they LOVE!

With infectious enthusiasm, confidence and charisma Kerrianne combines the style instincts of a high-end fashion designer (her first career) with proven branding and marketing principles that get entrepreneurs noticed, known and in-demand.

Kerrianne is an international speaker, author and branding mentor to powerhouse entrepreneurs on three continents. Through her Kickass Impact programs and live intensives, she shows business owners how to set themselves up for A-level recognition, market positioning and income.

Kerrianne’s favorite things include travel, music, dancing, champagne, Paris in Springtime, red lipstick and things that sparkle – in no particular order.  😉