Executive Coaching

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Managers and Leaders can’t be everything to all. The reality is that many managers and leaders are not much to anyone.  Often there is a mismatch between ‘trying to’ and ‘actual delivery’… sadly, as much as you may have the right intention and attitude (or possibly not) your behaviour and outcomes are not congruent.

Personal Leadership as well as Business Leadership is an exceptionally important part of your success and therefore business success.   To gain a better understanding and actionable outcomes of how to be better Managers and Leaders you may require the support of a coach who has the experience and knowledge to provide individual, fluid, challenging executive coaching that delivers results, each and every-time.

The Individual Executive Coaching Approach

Your success is my goal; this remains the key objective and focus throughout.  The sessions are tailored to work with you rather than taking a one size fits all approach.  Your success can be supported by an enlightened approach that is well-founded on personal and strategic business techniques.

70% of my executive coaching clients engage me as they are under-performing and not delivering to their full potential.

30% of my executive coaching clients engage me to address specific aspects of their role and professional career.

Taking time to format and clarify your goals and objectives and to carry this out working with your constraints and time-scales.  Each and every-time the key is your success.

The Individual Coaching Experience

Elements of coaching that enables business leaders and managers to:

  • Balance workloads and expectations
  • Schedule, prioritise and deliver time
  • Recognise your own ability to carry out a great job
  • Channel your focus and recognise the high-yielding tasks
  • Stop apologising and whinging and start delivering
  • Manage workloads better for self and team and therefore increase productivity and performance
  • Build reputation and brand whilst growing others confidence in your ability to deliver
  • Improve team morale and positively impact engagement
  • Empower ownership, responsibility and productivity
  • Implement change and ensure a more streamlined and measured approach that can be qualified and quantified
  • Challenge your own existing thinking and execution
  • Prepare and transition in to a new role with greater confidence and skill-set.

Take control of your success with a coach that enables you to identify and achieve your goals and objectives.   My ideology for coaching is based on a simple principle that everybody can drive success through performance; part of this being everyone works and thinks differently, has different emotions, values and beliefs, and everyone is an individual and should be treated as one.

Stages of the Coaching Process

The underlying stages in the coaching approach can be defined as:

  1. For you to have a clear understanding of the coaching process, results and the coaching relationship.
  2. Setting expectations, understanding concerns, and identifying the tangible and intangible outcomes you can expect.
  3. Identifying current behaviours, attitude traits that are producing current outcomes.  What are the positives and negatives of the outcomes and what would you like to change.
  4. Agreeing the format for how you would like to proceed in terms of time-scales, commitment and your expectations of me as a coach and the coaching experience.