Daniel’s passion is working with business owners to increase their sales, margins and profits.  Daniel works to unearth their unique messages and delivering them to their chosen audience by designing and implementing powerful branding, compelling websites, stunning print, and engaging events and exhibitions.

Daniel believes that great design is all about transforming ordinary businesses in to high performing extraordinary businesses.

You can buy a well-specified Windows Laptop for £400; an Apple Laptop starts at around £1000.  Apple has approximately 20% of the computer market, and made $8.5 million year ending 2014.  On a smaller scale, you can buy a jar of Branston Pickle for £1, or you can buy a jar of Hawkshead Relish’s Westmorland Chutney for £3.50.  In both cases why would someone pay 2 and a half to 3 and a half times more, for what many might consider to be the same thing.  And that is where Daniel comes in.

He can’t take any credit for Apple, but right at the heart of the company is the belief they are making computers, phones and tablets that are an extension to their owners, these are not just gadgets!  And all Apple products are beautifully designed, and it’s also all about the way the products work and how they deliver their functionality.  People who get Apple are emotionally engaged with the Apple gear they use.

Likewise for Hawkshead Relish. When you buy a jar of Westmorland Chutney, or 1 of their 200 or so other products, its because you have become emotionally engaged with their story, their values and the providence of the products.  Of course the products have to taste good, buts its also about how you feel when pick up and buy your favourite relish.  This is where design makes a big difference.

Design, when done right, is a powerful tool to not only attract and engage your audience, its also about changing how people feel so they take positive action, i.e. buy the product at a price that truly reflects its full value.  When you achieve this you have created a powerful brand!

Meet Daniel

Daniel Bennett is a Design and Branding Consultant and has worked with businesses for over 25 years in assisting them create powerful brands.

Not just focussing on great looking brands, Daniel also looks for ways to emotionally engage the brand to their customers.
Daniel Bennett
Email: daniel@danielbennett.me.uk
Web: http://www.danielbennett.me.uk/
Twitter: @__DanielBennett