New managers, as well as experienced ones, often get stuck on the hamster wheel of wanting to deliver exceptional service and products every time. This is an admirable trait, albeit one that is usually impossible to maintain. It is exhausting and often a great waste of your resources.

Here’s the thing. Exceptional services or products are measured by the receiver and not the giver. You and your team may dedicate many additional hours on perfecting a service and product, to then hand it over and the receiver who dismisses it with a “thank you, I’ll get to it later.” Your belief is that you went the extra mile to deliver and so it must be an exceptional engagement. If the receiver doesn’t believe that to be the case then sadly the service is “as expected” delivery and not exceptional.

When you deliver a service or product repeatedly at an exceptional level, very quickly the exceptional level becomes the norm, the expected. And so it’s back onto the hamster wheel, start running very quickly to think how you raise the bar again, and again, and again. Always striving for perfection and exceptional.

Consider: are you letting perfection get in the way of good?

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