Senior managers translating a business proposal during ‘Strategic translation’ workshop.

Career progression

There was a time when women were expected and the majority did work in the 5 ‘Cs’ caring, cashiering, cleaning, catering and clerical.  That is changing, with technology opening up the world, we have greater options, the internet broke down borders, technology allows us to work side-by-side and real-time with colleagues, peers, suppliers, clients, coaches etc who are physically located in other locations, even other countries.  The likes of Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom etc have given us this opportunity.   We can work from home, an office, coffee shop and complete tasks.  Where would you like to take your career.

When working with women on their careers, there is always the question around work and life balance, how does this work.   There is not prescriptive answer, the answer is what works for you?   I have worked with women, who have held down ‘day jobs’ and in their ‘free time’ have chosen to study to develop their career options.  Others, have continued to work and started a business in their ‘free time’ and transitioned over to the business full-time when the business revenue could sustain their salary.   Others, have looked for promotion within and outside of the current companies, there is no prescription, you are unique!

One-to-one Coaching

One-to-one coaching is not a prescriptive intervention, everyone is unique and therefore, the format, content and delivery of the programme will be designed around your requirements. Within one-to-one coaching programmes there are a series of coaching tools and approaches. Each session will employ the tools and approaches that are appropriate to the individuals requirements.

This is all about you, your goals, your time, your coaching sessions, my support and expertise.

These approaches and tools include:

  • Career health check
  • Person centred coaching
  • Cognitive behavioural coaching
  • Developing personal impact and performance
  • Storyboarding
  • Visualisation
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Transactional analysis
  • Time, tell and aspirations


be you and be brilliant

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