Senior managers translating a business proposal during ‘Strategic translation’ workshop.

Ability and capability

Ability and capability are two sides of the same coin; ability refers to your current abilities with capability being your potential.   More often than not women do not recognise the extent of their own abilities, even when they have demonstrated and executed on them.

A piece of empirical research I recently carried out over a nine month period, (October 2019 – July 2020) 100% of my career coaching female clients (19 UK and 5 US based) did not recognise or acknowledge in writing (CV or LinkedIn) or verbalise the extent of their knowledge or experience. 100%, of those women did not recognise their true abilities.      Women always have more to bring to the table than they offer up; having the time to reflect and being asked the right questions will help to bring the true extent of your ability to the forefront.   Can you imagine being confidently open about your experience and knowledge?  Crazy talk!   Add to this, the knowledge of realising your true ability will close the gap between that and your capability.

Developing yourself is crucial for success, internal confidence comes from you knowing your worth, your self-worth and your career worth.

Areas you may be thinking of developing:

  • Developing personal impact and performance.
  • Career progression.
  • Preparing for a management career.
  • Prepare and transition into a new role with greater confidence and skill set.
  • Mapping your first days within a new role.
  • Empower ownership, responsibility and productivity.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Strategic translation.
  • Managing Change and implementation.
  • Culture change and implementation.
  • Balancing workloads and expectations.
  • Solution based outcomes to work-related issues.
  • Channelling focus and delivering on high-value outcomes.
  • Plan and develop a reputation and brand that authentically reflects who you are.

Let’s prepare by extending and recognising our abilities.

Source: McKinsey

Why are women fearful of being honest about their ability and capabilities?

Quite simply, fear of imposter syndrome, fear of being found out, fear of biting on more than they can chew, fear of…. you fill in the gap.


Source: HBR

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