Bute Learning and Development

bute logoBute’s Philosophy and Approach

Bute Learning and Development was founded back in 2006.

I have been in the training arena for 20+ years.  After  years of engaging with external training providers, the seeds of Bute were sown.

Too many occasions where trainers turned up late and unprepared, workshops delivered without care or passion and a constant lack of tangible support to multiple stakeholders and sponsors meant a fresh approach was needed.  In addition to this, external Account Managers  seeming to offer good service until the dotted line was signed and then became non-responsive.

This is the antithesis of Bute and its values.  Bute Learning and Development is designed around your businesses and staff’s development needs and goals.

Bute’s Skills and Experience

Bute Facilitators all have real life experiences,  having been ‘hands on’ in real jobs other than training.  Knowing the real world is very different to the ideal world and being in a position to relate to this supports our Guests (the participants of the programme) on their development.

Bute’s staff are a highly experienced team of professionals who have worked in diverse backgrounds including: IT, financial (including investment and retail banking), legal, insurance, pensions, retail, surveying, property development, accounts, construction, housing, education and many more sectors.

Their collective experience in Business Management and Learning and Development in various industries allows them to provide their clients with a total solution package.   Bute Facilitators are advocates of tried and tested methods, Honey and Mumford Learning Styles, Johari Feedback, 4 D’s in Time Management, Situational Leadership, to name but a few.

Bute Facilitators also like to work outside the obvious and their experience allows them to do this successfully.

Bute’s Mission and Values

The Bute team are passionate in their knowledge that every company and every individual is different and they apply this to their design, content and to their delivery.

ambition logoBute’s ambition logo was designed around this…. Different people, different styles, different routes, difference and diversity all celebrated in reaching and working towards their goals.   The team at Bute want to inspire their guests to move past the ordinary and focus on the extraordinary…

Attitude, behaviour and skills drive success; they focus on all three and not always equally…

For further information contact Jayne on 020 3092 7278 or take a more detailed look at Bute Learning and Development programmes and courses.