My Team’s Rubbish

My team have not embraced my changes; they are rubbish. HR has informed me absence is up and that the rumour mill is that most of the team are looking for new jobs. Good riddance, I say. Those who are not looking I would like to manage out. I want to bring in my own team and build a team that do what I tell them.

Six ways managers can create better relationships – The HR Director

  An online article featured within The HR Director, September 2017. The need to drive productivity and increase bottom line is crucial.   All teams and managers, regardless of front or back office must step up to the challenge.  Managers … Continued

You make passive-aggressive adorable

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Outcome of the promotion,
Jo’s lack of experience or development within the role, led to too many issues being swept under the carpet.

The final conversation with Fiona led to HR being involved, with Fiona claiming gender discrimination.

The ‘C’ approach and Managers – career limiting?

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Fear of Challenge

A lot of Managers fear challenge. This is often due to them fearing being seen as a lesser Manager, someone who does not have all the answers, they feel foolish when this happens. It can feel humiliating for them. Their response is one of anger, resentment and as a result they close down; their team learns very quickly to stop challenging and become submissive.

Attitude, Values and Beliefs – 3:2 Management Model

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How do you rate attitude? Would one measurement be based on smiles? How professional their language and tone of voice is? Or even the happiness in their voice? It is all so subjective, just as happiness is not a universal standard, or what sounds professional to one may sound stand offish to another.

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