Having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years I have real experience working at a junior through to a senior level within many roles, industries, and sectors. My defining passion and drive is within leadership and management development; specifically empowering women to deliver at their best.  As much as that sounds like a cliché, the fact remains, that when you feel in control and are taking responsibility whilst being accountable for your own success (and failings), things happen.   As a female in the corporate world, I realised that to I needed to create opportunities to stand-out, to work that bit harder than my male counterparts, a sad fact that remains for many women today.    I grabbed all the opportunities that presented themselves, promotions happened, salary reviews become more productive, work-life balance became manageable and dare I say it, life became more manageable and fun.

In 2005, I made the move to start up my own development business and this has successfully grown into the fantastic business that is The Bute Group, with 3 amazing subsidiaries.  Each subsidiary's has the same key focus, to deliver outstanding personal and professional transferable development programmes to support the individual b effectively, efficiently carry out their role whilst, feeling motivated. Whilst, offering solid progression internally or externally.

My personal passion is to support women in or moving into leadership to find there own confidence and motivation, to be authentic to themselves, set goals, know the way forward, and to find the confidence to deliver on their own success.  Females need to recognise their worth with no half measures and do it their way.

Working within the development arena it is not unusual to get caught up in ‘ideal world’ thinking; If it says in the book, then it must be true! I made the deliberate choice to ensure that I kept my feet grounded in the real world and over the years have dipped out of the learning and development environment into real work e.g. working in projects, finance, IT, administration and more. These were within industries such as banking, insurance, construction, education, retail and more.

70% of my executive coaching clients engage me to work with them as they are not delivering to their full potential. This may have been highlighted to them by someone else, or/and, they are very aware of this themselves.

30% of my executive coaching clients engage me with very specific areas e.g. career progression, preparation for important professional events, career progression, presentation, self-management, project-based tasks e.g. budget cuts or head reduction etc.

Ideology & Approach

My distinctive approach is embodied in my ability to enable those in executive and management roles in any business area to transform themselves into extraordinary business leaders.

My methodology is not a ‘one size fits all’ prescribed solution.  Just as everyone is an individual, everyone should have a bespoke individual approach to their own success. This approach will enable individuals to recognise their strengths and turn their professional limitations into positive and achievable successes.

Business Biography

Having worked with major names such as Hobart Lovells, UBS, Brunswick Group, Tower Hamlets Homes, Aon, Balfour Beatty, Kantar and many more. I have helped major brands raise the bar in many specific areas; Leadership and Management, Change Implementation, Customer Experience, Team Development and Board Room progression.

Over the past 10 years I have established a highly successful professional learning and development company, Bute Learning and Development Ltd, providing core skills training and professional management development across numerous business areas, followed by Margo Manning Executive Coaching. Most recently I have designed and executed the 3:2 Management Development Programme.  This is being received with phenomenal success, delivering 8 (12 month) programmes in its first 18 months.

While much of my time is now spent coaching business leaders and speaking, I am still heavily involved in the design and delivery of training programmes] to ensure they will inspire individuals to be extraordinary, provide sustainable skills and improve personal performance.

Talk to me

Executive Coaching

I offer a pragmatic approach to coaching, aimed at female professionals and business leaders who require the support of a coach with the experience and knowledge to provide individual, fluid, challenging coaching that delivers tangible results.

Are you ready to take a strategic leap forward and plan for professional success?

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Professional Speaking

I have over 20 years of professional experience in her field of expertise; coaching and training professionals and business leaders to maximise performance.  As a professional corporate speaker, my focus is on Leadership and Management.  All speeches are tailored specifically to your business or event theme, making delivery relevant and appropriate to the audience and providing practical, actionable advice.

Are you ready to be challenged, be inspired, be motivated and take positive action in your business?

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