3:2 Management Development Programme

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The 3:2 Management Model™ is a dynamic and new methodology based on the 5 key attributes which form the basis of a successful Manager.

The 3 equates to Attitude, Behaviour and Skillset and the 2 encapsulates Goals and High Performance Outcomes.

The 3:2 Management Model™ has evolved through time and demand to transition into a framework for Management Development that delivers development programmes to First Line, Middle and Senior Managers.

The 3:2 Management Model™ is based upon a 360° holistic management approach; not just the skill-set as important as this is, there as a definite need for successful businesses to ensure their Managers demonstrate successful skill-set with aligned attitude and behaviour.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. – Aristotle 

High Performance Outcomes and Goals

Successful outcomes are crucial to the business, the manager, the team and of course the customer.  Business focus must be both customer and staff centric in order to increase the bottom line.

It is important that Managers recognise and demonstrate both the tangible and non-tangible Return on Investment when allocating or committing additional time and resources to a deliverable / (or simply) delivering beyond expectations. As equally important is the Manager recognising the times when meeting expectations and delivering exactly as agreed within the goal is satisfactory.

Managers must know what the goal is and how and when to implement High Performance Outcomes.

Attitude, Behaviour and Skillset

Skillset is crucial to success, however, there must also be the want to carry-out the task (attitude) and the behaviour to complete the task.

Managers’ attitude is required to be in alignment with their role, and this must be demonstrated through behaviour.  When a manager’s attitude is congruent with the behaviour and skillset, delivery to the business is phenomenal. The 3:2 Management Model™ addresses each of these points in the context of the 5 attributes.  The 3:2 Management Development Programme delivers programmes for First Line Managers, B-Level Managers (Middle Managers) and the C-Suite (Senior Management).  Each programme is designed and delivered to suit the needs of the business and the individuals.

First Line Managers

Empowering First Line Managers to deliver on the goals and objectives that feeds directly into the company strategy.

First Line Managers development focuses on rooting the foundations of Management and building on this.  Having a solid grounding in Management will pay dividends to the business and the individual going forward.   There will be less reliance on others, individuals will feel more confident in decision making, team performance (the good and bad) will be managed, tasks will be delivered, expectations set,  time and deadlines manage.  Teams will become proactive with high performance will be natural state of expectation.

Successful and measured outcomes will be the key focus.

B-Level Mangers – Middle Managers

Empowered Middle Managers translate, communicate, enhance, measure and provide feedback on the Company strategy, this then feeds business success.

Middle Managers development will be focussing on developing a more proactive role, looking for solutions before issues, business growth with current resources, task and people management to drive success and support for their Managers.

Middle Managers will focus on driving the business message and strategy to ensure that goals are being met and where appropriate exceeded.

These Managers will be required to manage their teams and successfully report upwards, they will manage Changes within the business and within teams.  They will be confident in addressing and developing solutions to any subsequent issues.

C-Suite Management – Senior Managers

Vision and Mission, the leaders of the company, the culture dictators

Senior Managers focus will be Vision and Mission, translating this into a workable plan that looks at risks, challenges, changes and certainties in the execution.  Senior Managers create the culture of the business and must demonstrate these attributes at all levels of the business.

The above is based on a blended learning that includes group development, 1:1 coaching, Action Learning sets and more.

All Managers must be in a position to make informed decisions having gone through the process of applying The 3:2 Management Model™.  The 3:2 Management Development Programme provides the Manager with this and further business benefits that include the following.

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Business Benefits

Business benefits include increased confidence demonstrated through better informed decisions. This translates into:

  • Increased productivity due to staff feeling appreciated and therefore wanting to deliver and deliver well.
  • Proactive Managers, and therefore teams.
  • Enhanced Management Administration, return to works, One to ones etc.
  • Reduced disciplinary or grievances.
  • Benchmark processes and procedures.
  • Succession planning.
  • Uniformed approach to methodologies – not uniformed thoughts and opinions.
  • Increased confidence

Benchmark and Standards

The 3:2 Management Development Programme gives the business a starting point; a benchmark to measure Management skills, aptitude and success.

The 3:2 Management Development Programme assists in succession planning and develop those who can and develop those who have the aptitude to deliver in the future.

The 3:2 Management Development Programme delivers success.

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