Professional Speaker

MargoManning-5An organisation’s achievement of strategic objectives is reliant on individual employee performance at every level in the organisation.  Identifying and managing the contribution that each employee makes to their team and the overall organisation is the most essential aspect of strategic success.

The ‘Individual’ Performance Factor

Changing Attitudes

How do you deliver a message to the business that makes a change?

Consistency, clarity, thought through, thought provoking, language appropriate.

Adopting a positive and consistently assertive attitude towards a change from the top down will filter through to employees.

Delivering this message in a manner that is received and understood is another matter; Often, salvaging a flagging business or introducing organisational change can be daunting.  A pragmatic, well planned approach is essential.   However, what can be seen as a knee-jerk reaction from business leaders often leads to demotivation throughout the organisation and a subsequent downturn in productivity.  Keeping employees involved during a transitional period is the responsibility of the Management, although this is often neglected.

Your need to have clear and concise message delivered by a speaker that takes a dynamic and thought provoking approach is a must to drive any message and inevitably the Change home. Working with you to identify the attitudesbehaviours and outcomes required for the success of your business change.  This will be translated and delivered this in a language that your staff are able to relate too. Often, sharing and working through practical exercises alongside the speech drives the message deeper.

Influencing Behaviours

How do you get buy-in to the changes?

Consistency, clarity, thought through, let your audience own it.

In large and small groups and arenas, people like to feel like they chose their behaviour, and they absolutely do. Having someone motivate and steer that behaviour helps the audience arrive at their chosen and ideally business positive outcome. Using the right tone and pitch that talks with rather than at, is the first step.   Believing that the message can make a difference and has personal positive impact, even when it is bad news.

Impacting Outcomes

What impact does the changes have on the bottom line?

Zero, nothing, zip, zilch, it may even end up costing if the changes are not followed through by the most junior staff to the most senior.  Only positive attitude and behaviour that is in alignment with the Change has a positive impact.

Your requirements met with…

A speaker with over 20 years of professional experience in my field of expertise, changing attitudes, influencing behaviours and impacting outcome through personal development; I am adept at coaching and training professionals and business leaders to maximise performance.  As a professional speaker, I adapt my skillset to a range of events and topics and focuses on changing attitudes, influencing behaviours and impacting outcome within Leadership and Management, Change Management, Individual Performance, Motivational Improvement, Team Building and Keynote speaking.

I am a dynamic, thought-provoking speaker who’s passionate about sharing practical advice and giving organisations eureka moments.  You speeches can be customised and tailored specifically to your business or event theme, making delivery relevant and appropriate to the audience and providing practical, actionable advice.  Your message will be delivered clearly and concisely with a dynamic and thought provoking approach. By identifying your attitudes, behaviours and outcomes required for the success of your business, your speech will be translated  into a language that your staff can relate too.

Whether it’s speaking at open conferences, away days, motivational events or internal staff events; I will reach individuals with a clear and decisive message.

Get ready to take action for your organisation and change attitudes, influence behaviours and impact outcomes, engage me now by calling 020 3489 6734 or complete the Enquiry Form.