Sell the sizzle, not the sausage

This is not about the you their manager, or the department or even the business.  It is about the individual’s motivation.  After all, get that right and you, your team and the business will all benefit from the outcome.

Internal promotions – learning from others mistakes

In a previous role I started as a manager of two individuals and was soon promoted to manager of 30+. Very naively I thought that I could make changes quickly, and some might say (I’m in complete agreement) that those changes were detrimental to team motivation.

The Power of Positive Attitude

Whilst your attitude alone will not determine success, it plays a large part in the success process. Attitude is key, and it is vital to have the right attitude for the right outcomes. Influencing your own attitude will result in … Continued

The power of (proper) feedback

Giving positive feedback is easy and most people enjoy it, although most people do not give positive or negative feedback well. The primary objective of delivering any piece of feedback is to allow the recipient to improve on the subject … Continued

Negativity is endemic. Who are your carriers?

Take a moment to think of someone who is always negative. • Is this person in your team? • Is this person easy to manage? • How much management time is spent with this individual? Imagine for a moment that … Continued

Functioning workaholics – are you one?

Functioning workaholics can have the same effect on family, friends and the workplace as alcoholics. Just like alcoholics, workaholics are always looking for their next fix. Their next email, their next call, their next sale, their next promotion, their next salary increase. Always their next.

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